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Africa is a diverse continent with over 1.2 billion people. The continent boasts of massive opportunities and resources which have attracted many investors. One industry that has exemplified Africa’s dynamism and growth in recent years is online gambling. While online gambling is widespread across Africa, it varies considerably from one country to another.

Many African countries have embraced gambling amid the current economic and technological developments. The recent amendments to the gambling laws in most African countries have also contributed to the popularity of online casinos and sports betting sites.

In this article, we will explore the top African countries with the most gamblers, the most common forms of gambling, and the legality of gambling in each country.

Top 5 Online Gambling African Countries

South Africa

South Africa has the highest number of gamblers in Africa. The country is estimated to contribute 80% of the continent’s gambling revenue. The friendly gambling laws in South Africa allow up to 41 land-based casinos to operate in the country. Today, there are 39 legally operated casinos on South African soil offering gamblers different types of casino games.

Sports betting is the most common form of gambling in South Africa. It generates almost a quarter of the country’s GGR. It is estimated that 90% of South Africans participate in active gambling. Online gambling has increased in the country since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the friendly laws are attracting more and more investors. There are now hundreds of best online casinos and sports betting sites in South Africa with real money games.


Online sports betting is a booming business in Nigeria, bringing it to the second position of African countries with the most gamblers. Some surveys have shown that almost a 1/3 of the population in the country participates in regular sports betting. On average, Nigerians spend $15 per day on sports betting, especially soccer/football.

While sports betting contributes greatly to the country’s revenue, its widespread has raised concerns. With an estimated monthly wage of $825, it shows that some Nigerians may be spending more than half of their monthly income on gambling.

Although the Nigerian online gambling sector is unregulated, the social impact of sports betting on the people has pushed the government to pass new legislation regarding the online gambling industry.


Online casino and sports betting is legal in Kenya, and it is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). There are over 30 land-based casinos located in various cities in Kenya. Similar to Nigeria, Kenyans love to bet on sports, especially football. As a fact, it is estimated that Kenya’s Sh2,800-per-second betting market rivals NSE.

The Kenyan GGR is around $40 million annually, a figure which is held back by several factors. The strict Kenyan gambling laws are scaring away potential and existing investors. Also, the cost of mobile internet is higher compared to other neighboring countries.


Ghana stands out as the most regulated African country when it comes to online gambling. Its gambling laws go back as far as 1960s when lotteries and casinos were approved. However, the current Gaming Commission took office in 2006 and only deals with land-based casino operators and bookmakers.

Most gamblers in Ghana enjoy betting on sports, especially European football teams. Since Ghanaians are not limited to registering at online bookmakers, the country is estimated to have 280+ online gambling sites.


The Moroccon online gambling industry is slowly growing. Unlike Sub-Saharan African countries, most northern countries are limited by their religious beliefs regarding gambling. In Morocco, land-based casinos are open to foreign visitors only.

However, the online iGambling industry remains unregulated. So, Morocans can join any online gambling site and register. Like in other African countries, sports betting is the most popular form of gambling. Choose your Best betting sites in Morocco and register now for an exciting experience.

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