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After disappearing from our screens for a while, Rachael Bower is back in a new live Roulette game. The news of the return of Roulette with Rachael by Real Dealer Studios was hinted at in the Big Smoke at the ICE. It was an opportunity to showcase to the delegates what Rachael Bower had in store for them in the upcoming release. 

Bower is known as the queen of screens not only for her stunning figure but also for her unbeaten knowledge at the table. The Texas-born actress has been featured in several popular titles, including Real Dealer’s Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette. She will be in charge of spinning roulette wheels, taking bets, and commenting on results.

Like other roulette games from the provider, Roulette with Rachael is produced using cinematic RNG. This means you’ll enjoy high-quality videos created by professional and experienced directors. The unique thing about this game is that it is integrated with the RNG-based game framework. Remember that Roulette with Rachael will be available only with Games Global.

The Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, Shane Cotter, said:

“Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction we saw at ICE London last week, both to Rachael’s performance and the sheer wow factor that our technology brings, we know we’ve got another hit on our hands.” 

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