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Moist Esports is a popular organization run by Charles White Jr or Cr1TiKaL and Ludwig Ahgren. Both are famous Twitch streamers and YouTubers who have made a name for their exceptional skills in esports gaming.

Moist esports teams compete in top tournaments like Rocket League, Apex Legends, Valorant, and Super Smarsh Bros. Though the organization is relatively new, its famous Moist eSports Rocket League team emerged as winners in the Rocket League Championship Series 2021–22 Spring Split Major event in July 2022. 

It has also won other big tournaments like the Guilty Gear Strive North America Championship and the Super Smash Bros. The unique marketing techniques are what make Moist eSports Merch stand out from other organizations.

Moist is destined for big success, thanks to the continuously growing fan base and strategic marketing.

Common Questions About Moist e-Sports

Here are common questions people ask about the Moist eSports team:

How many tournaments has Moist esports team participated in?

Moist Esports has participated in 67 tournaments since it was founded. The games played are Rocket League: 22x, Apex Legends: 10x, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10x, Guilty Gear Strive: 8x, Super Smash Bros. Melee: 7x, Brawlhalla: 6x, and Valorant: 5x. The team has won 10 out of of 67 tournaments, including the Rocket League Championship Series 2021–22 Spring Split Major.

What is Moist Esports viewers record?

Moist e-sports has an all-time viewership record of 368,721 viewers. This record was set during the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 World Championship. 

How much did Moist eSports make in 2023?

Moist Esports earned $87 664 in 2023. These earnings were from ALGS: 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, RLCS 2022-23 – Winter: EU Regional 1 – Winter Open, RLCS 2022-23 – Winter: EU Regional 2 – Winter Cup, RLCS 2022-23 – Winter: EU Regional 3 – Winter Invitational, RLCS 2022-23 – Spring: EU Regional 1 – Spring Open, and other esports tournaments.

What are the best Moist Esports rosters?

The best rosters are Moist Esports Rocket League, Valorant eSports Moist Mogul, Moist eSports Apex Legends, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

Who are the most popular Moist eSports streamers?

The most popular streamers on Moist eSports team are moistcr1tikal (over 5 million followers on Twitch), Rizzo (over 689,000 followers on Twitch), Boomiexd (over 88,000 followers on Twitch), and Hotashi (over 43,000 followers on Twitch).

What rank is Moist Esports in the world?

Moist Esports ranks 211 among other organizations worldwide by prize money earned. The team is ranked 5th in the world in Moist Esports Rocket League

Where can I buy Moist eSports hoodies?

You can order a Moist E-sports hoodie from the official website. You’ll get a Colorblock hoodie with a drawstring, embroidered logo on the chest, and a custom Moist waterdrop label on the cuff.

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