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Betwinner Aviator is the most played crash game in Kenya and Nigeria. This thrilling and exciting casino game is available for newbies and seasoned players. Once you create an account with Betwinner Bookmaker, you get access to Aviator and other crash games.

Read this complete guide to learn about how to play Betwinner Aviator and other exciting features it has to enhance your experience.


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What Aviator Game?

Aviator is a popular crash game based on online flight simulation. Players bet on how long a small plane will stay in flight before crashing. This crrashing of flying away of the plane is determined by a pre-set algorithim. The unique thing about Betwinner Aviator is that you must cash out projected winnings before the aeroplane disappears from the screen.

How to Play Aviator Game on Betwinner Bookmaker?

There are afew qualifications you must meet to play Betwinner Aviator game. The first and most important thing is to have a valid register Betwinner account. Also, you must deposit funds to your accont to start playing Aviator real money game.

After you have complete the first steps, you can login to your Betwinner Account and board the Aviator game ready for take off.

Follow these 4 Steps to Start Playing Betwinner Aviator Game

  1. Login to your Betwinner account and click/tap on the Aviator icon.
  2. Set your pre-flight stake using the bet tab.
  3. Once the plane launches, cash out before it flies off the screen.
  4. If you cash out in time, the winnings will display in your profile.
Betwinner Aviator Game

Betwinner Aviator Game Rules – The Gameplay

Before you play Aviator crash game at Betwinner bookmaker, you must farmiliarize with the rules. This betting site has set rules to ensure safe gambling and to enable ease use. The current Aviator rules are based on making a minimum deposit, using the cash out, and having a valid bank account. Visit the Betwinner Aviator rules and master how you can become an expert.

Spribe Aviator – How to Play?

Valid Betwinner Accounts Only

As I earlier mentioned, you must have a valid Betwinner account to player real money Aviator game. Also, the account must be verified before it can receive any Aviator bonuses. You can use this link to register/login and get the first deposit bonus instantly.

Note that you must set up your profile and provide identity verification documents to play Aviator real money game.

Simply upload the necessary documents in the recommended formats and wait for the KYC verification. This process is simple and quite straightforward.

Minimum Aviator Bets

Before you board the plane, you must check the minimum Aviator bets on Betwinner Bookmaker. The minimum bet amount will vary depending on the country you are playing from. The avaerage minimum bet is $1.00 and the maximum limit varies based on your budget. It is essential to start with playing small Aviator stakes before you advance to high wagers.

Aviator Cash Out

The secret to maximize your Aviator wins is paying attention to the Cash Out feature. The thumb rule of the Aviator game is to cash out before the plane leaves the screen. Failure to cash out, you will lose your stake and wait for the next flight.

You must understand that Aviator flight times can vary greatly for each round. But I understand that each player has varying opinions when it comes to using the Cash Out function.

FAQs About Betwinner Aviator Game

Can you play Aviator game on Betwinner bookmaker?

Yes. You can play Aviator and other crash games if you have a valid Betwinner account. The advantage is that you can start by playing the free mode Aviator game before you advance to betting with real money.

Where to find Aviator game on Betwinner website?

When you login to your Betwinner account, you will navigate and click on the ‘Other Games’ section. You will be redirected to the Aviator game page where you can play right away.

How to cash out on Betwinner Aviator?

One you set your stake for the next Aviator round, the cash out tab/button will be activated on the screen. You can press the button at anytime the Aviator plane is in the air and get a payout. But you lose if you pres the button after the plane leaves the screen.

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