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Betika is Kenya’s leading platform for everything related to gambling. Whether you want to bet on sports or play online real-money casino games, you’ll find them here. Betika is a legal gambling site with a valid license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BCLB).

The site offers Kenyan players a range of new Betika cashout games. Like other online casino games, you can play Cashout Games in free mode before you advance to betting with real money. The unique thing about these games is you get to cashout your winnings instantly before the game ends. Nevertheless, you must have a verified Betika account to play cashout games.

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Below are the newest cashout games on Betika Casino for Kenyans:

Dhahabu Hub

Dhahabu Hub is an exciting Betika cashout game where you open tiles to reveal hidden prizes beneath. The more tiles you open, the bigger prizes you get. If you are lucky enough to open a tile with coins, you can Cashout or continue playing.

However, the game will end if you hit a bomb. The number of bombs increases as you level up. If you open all the tiles with the coins and avoid all the bombs, you get all the stars at the end.

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Peperuka is a straightforward Betika cashout game where you predict the distance your paper plane can fly. If you are lucky enough to make the correct prediction, you win the top prize. Players can choose the flight distance and bet on over or under. The fewer possible outcomes you pick, the bigger the payout you receive.

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Betika’s Bambuka cashout game is an interesting one. Simply jump out of the taxi before it crashes for a chance to win up to x1.000.000 times the money. The longer the taxi takes to crash, the higher the multiplier. The payout you get depends on the time you jump off the taxi. All players who jump out of the taxi before it crashes win, while those who stay lose the bet. The unique thing about Bambuka is the “Auto Escape” feature that ensures you jump out of the taxi as soon as it arrives on the score.

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Monkey Bizniz

Monkey Bizniz is an intriguing Betika Cashout game where you bet on how far a monkey can go to reach a banana. The higher you aim, the bigger the reward. The special thing about Monkey Bizniz is the number of multipliers. You can choose any height between 1 and 1,000,000, and if the money goes beyond it you win.

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Soccer Mania

Are you a fan of football? Soccer Mania is the best Betika cashout game to play. Become a top striker and stand a chance to win massive prizes. You will watch the balls bounce on the screen, and your work is to kick them by tapping on the ‘Play’ button. Each bucket in the game represents a winning multiplier. You win when the ball hits a bucket, and the multiplier determines the payout. You can customize your game by changing difficulty levels and the number of lines. There are also functions to increase the speed of the game.

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The Bottom Line

Cashout games are increasingly becoming popular in the Kenyan market. Betika Casino has spiced up everything by offering a collection of new cashout games. You will find games with unique themes, rules, features, and payouts.

Like other standard online casino games, cashout games are available in free mode and for real money. Additionally, you can enjoy playing your favourite games on the go or from the comfort of your house.

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