display of table games in a cannabis casino dispensary
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A top cannabis dispensary in Detroit has disclosed plans to unveil a ‘cannabis casino.’ Unlike regular gambling venues, this new concept requires customers to gamble with reward points rather than real money. ‘The Reef’ casino will offer popular games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and slot machines. 

This new concept was birthed in collaboration with Jason Kouza of Dort Hwy Dispo – the developer of games offered at The Reef. 

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“As far as I know, nobody in the country has done it,” said Jason Kouza. 

Although the concept and games are already set, The Reef is yet to receive the adult-use cannabis license from the Detroit authority. Detroit was among the first cities to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries after passing the bill in 2018. 

Tim Campbell, the spokesperson for The Reef, said that they dont expect to go through many legal procedures since players won’t be using their hard-earned money to gamble. Customers earn points from their purchases and use them to wager on available casino games. 

Campbell explained that you could spend $25 and get a ball on the Plinko machine or a spin on the roulette wheel. Customers have the option to use points instantly or let them accrue. 

However, the publication of the ‘cannabis casino concept’ may have spiked different reactions at the Cannabis Regulatory Agency that has so far put the issue under investigation.

The Reef’s special offers are not only limited to casino games. The management has launched a version of McDonald’s ‘Monopoly’ game promo where you can win cash prizes of up to $100,000, free cannabis for life, vacations, etc.

With the cannabis adult-use permit, The Reef plans to expand its services to Hamtramck and Muskegon Heights. Also, it has plans to increase the number of employees in the coming months.

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